Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Plans revealed for proposed STL stadium, courtesy of KSDK TV, St. Louis

Attorney Vickers is watching how the City of St. Louis will handle minority inclusion, especially that of African Americans. Photo is courtesy of Missouri Times.
"ST. LOUIS -- A proposed stadium to be built on the north St. Louis waterfront will do a lot more than just offer football games.

HOK architects have released new renderings of the stadium, which would include plazas, gardens, bike trails, a three-story brew pub and an observation deck overlooking the Mississippi River." >>Read more

My question: What is the minority inclusion in the nearly $1 billion project in North St. Louis going to be?  It will be interesting to see what the power brokers are up to? 

The St. Louis Mayor's office says "And the draft of a minority workforce inclusion plan promises to set aside nearly $3 million to train minority apprentices, monitor minority workforce targets and help minority businesses get and keep work on the project." >>Read more

Is this the usual empty promise? "I am watching you", Vickers

Eric E. Vickers, Civil Rights Attorney & Activist. Defender of the Weak and Downtrodden 
(I'll not hesitate to combine the power of litigation, protest, negotiation, Twitter, and Blogging to go after oppressors of African Americans).

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