Thursday, December 14, 2017

Welcome to my blog

A friend – and a brother in the faith and struggle – convinced me that a blog could be used to combat injustice, and then went a step further and created this one.  Since fighting for economic equality has been the focus of my career – and I believe the root problem and ultimate answer to the Ferguson phenomenon – this blog will focus on the struggle of blacks and minorities for economic justice.

Click this link: for the latest scandals at the federal level. "Before any law, rule or policy is altered, DCReport will alert you. And show you how to exercise your Constitutional rights to challenge changes detrimental to your rights and protections as a citizen, consumer, worker, investor and voter." Courtesy of David Cay Johnson & Associates.

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  1. Your blog is informative and inspirational. Our people are blessed to have you Brotha...I'm enjoying.