Friday, September 23, 2011

Mayor Parks sees progress toward minority participation, courtesy of

"Thursday, September 22, 2011, East St. Louis Mayor Parks announce that he is close to a deal it include minority participation on the Mississippi River Bridge Project as well as future state projects with Governor Quinn and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). On Friday September 13th, Mayor Parks was about lead a pretest that would interrupt the construction of the bridge. Prior to the the press conference, IDOT Press Secretary Paris Erin read as statement for the video and did not take questions: 

"Mayor Parks continues to work with IDOT with increasing minority participation both on contracts and workforce development on the state’s transportation projects.Believe it was a productive meeting and IDOT will continue to meet with other mayors in the area."

"Attorney Eric Vickers and Bill Mason of Metro-East Black Contractors Organization (MEBCO) joined Parks in the press conference. Parks announced that the would be incentives for hiring new and minority workers. Vickers announce that there IDOT put a freeze of future contracts on the Mississippi River Bridge to allow time for negotiations to progress. While he sees progress, he warned that labor unions could be an obstacle."

"Parks argued that goals have to be put out for employers to assure that certain that certain groups are included. Parks argue that even though it's 2011, if companies are left without a goal people will be left out."  Courtesy of Damien Johnson, St. Louis Political Buzz Examiner.

Eric E. Vickers is a Civil Rights Attorney and Activist.

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