Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump, Muslims and a Local Hospital

  The day after potential president Donald Trump gave his speech portraying Muslims as a threat to the U.S., I found myself, while in the waiting room of a local hospital, witnessing his message being put to the test.  I happened to be there because a medical condition of my proudly eighty-nine year old father was being treated.     
  In the waiting room with me and my younger brother were two elderly white men, who I sensed felt my same sense of cautious confidence that things would go right for our loved ones, though knowing that nothing is certain.  And then the most unexpected thing happened - a group of Muslims walked into the room.   From their language, conversation, skin color, ethnicity, and even dress it was apparent that they were Muslims.  And also apparent was that they were there to also stressfully await a medical procedure on a beloved family member.  It was what they did next that brought a shock to the place.   
  After unpacking some carry out food that some other Muslims brought them, they sat down on the floor, spread out the various containers of food - an East Indian food scent emanating - passed out paper plates and plastic utensils, and then invited everyone in the room to eat with them, or just have some food.  Their gesture of kindness and sharing - as well as an eerie comforting aura they brought into the still and solemn room - is why I have faith that America will never succumb to the covert attack on Muslims heralded by Trump.  
  Because the good they will see in Muslims will always and forever outweigh the fear and hate caused by a few.

Link for this article in St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Gesture of kindness and sharing from Muslims"

Eric E. Vickers, Attorney and Community Activist. 

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